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Let's Be Human Together

Welcome. We admire the curiosity and courage that brought you here today. 

Opening Up to Our Experience

Life can be really hard. And in life, pain is inevitable. What is not inevitable, however, is suffering. When we practice opening up to the different thoughts, sensations, and emotions that naturally arise in us (no matter how painful or difficult), we interrupt the path the suffering. Accepting these experiences, instead of fighting with them, ignoring them, or avoiding them allows us to better access our energy, skills, and values in order to live a rich and meaningful life.

Acceptance can be a hard sell. It doesn't mean loving the hardships in our lives or never getting mad. Acceptance means giving ourselves the chance to hold onto difficult (and wonderful) experiences more lightly, so that we are able to engage in life more intentionally and meaningfully.


The Stories We Tell

Exploring our stories can be one way of getting some distance from them. It presents an opportunity for us to take the narrative of problems, struggles, and pain a bit further away from our eyes so that we can see it more clearly. When we see it more clearly, we allow ourselves the space to dig into our values and determine how we want to proceed. 

Therapy is a place for exploration. It is a place to connect, share, cry, yell, and learn. It is a place to walk willingly into the messiness, sit there, and walk out. 

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