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What to Expect From Therapy

With Rooted

We know that beginning therapy can feel overwhelming. It is common to have a lot of questions about what getting help will look like, especially in the beginning. At Rooted, we want to give our clients the information they need to find greater ease and comfort as you explore therapy. 


Before Your
First Session

Once you've reached out to the therapist of your choosing, you and your therapist will find a time to meet for the first time. Next, your therapist will send you a link to set up your own unique account on our therapy notes server. Here, you will find and complete intake documents asking some basic information about yourself and explaining the essentials of counseling with your therapist. Note any questions you have when reviewing your paperwork to ask your therapist at your first session.

At Your
First Session

If you're meeting with your therapy virtually, you will log-on to the therapy notes portal where you completed your intake. If you're meeting in person, you can head inside 202 S 5th Avenue and take a seat while you wait for your therapist to retrieve you. 

In session, your therapist will introduce you to therapy, share important information regarding confidentiality, policies, and billing, and answer any initial questions. Then, you will begin to explore more in depth what brought you to therapy, what life has been like for you, and what you'd like it to be like. 

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